obs. form of rajah.

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  • radgee — Cumbrian Dictionary 1.( n radjey) person who is not very capable. e.g. He s a bit of a radgee = He is a bit of a waste of skin/space. 2.( v radjee) to get angry. Radgee are generally taken . e.g. He took a radgee when he caught them kids playing… …   English dialects glossary

  • maff — Cumbrian Dictionary 1.(pronoun. maff) something that has been made a mess of. e.g. That radgee s made a right maff of that = That unfortunately incapable person has not done that quite so well as I had hoped. 2.( v maff) to make a mess of. e.g.… …   English dialects glossary

  • razzie — Cumbrian Dictionary ( n razzee) a hysteric anger fit. e.g. He s having a razzie = He is a bit angry. See also radgee …   English dialects glossary

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